Who Is Per Wickstrom – Serenity Drug Rehab

Per Wickstrom has a long rap sheet of lawsuits, and staff with criminal records. Although Wickstrom confirms he’s a Scientologist, many of his new websites have no mention of Scientology or Narconon. Scientology’s Narconon and Per Wickstrom, appear to have the worst drug rehab record in recent history, as a whole, for fraud, coercion, illegal confinement, human rights abuses, unqualified staff, deaths inside Narconon – and the list goes on.

WireService.ca Media Release (09/08/2014) details Per Wickstrom’s “lineups of mug shots and threats” –  Per Wickstrom is named in a stunning NAFC trademark violation lawsuit along with Scientology leader, David Miscavige, and 80 other defendants. The lawsuit alleges the centers faked certifications of some of its counselors.

Monday, August 24, 2015 by Miss Fortune:

ghost2WHO IS DR. TED ZUNINI? Amber Howe, Chief Operations Officer at Per Wickstrom’s Marne, Michigan Serenity Recovery Says Ted Zunini Is Serenity’s “Consulting Psychiatrist”… But He May Really Be A Ghost!

“Where in the world is Dr. Ted Zunini, described by a Per Wickstrom employee during a March 4, 2015 meeting of Lakeshore Regional Partners’ Substance Abuse Oversight Policy Board as the “consulting psychiatrist” for Wickstrom’s Marne, Michigan’s Serenity Point Rehab center?

After an exhaustive search, Miss Fortune has not been able to locate the elusive shrink and needs your help.”

Reaching For The Tipping Point:

Hi, Miss Fortune: Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 10:42

“I zeroed in on those two doctors too when I first read the minutes of that meeting. Found Dr. Simon in Ludington but could find absolutely nothing on Zunini. I tried variations of the spelling and still came up with nothing.”

Reply #4 on: August 24, 2015, 22:04

“Did a LARA “Verify a license” check on the last name “Zunini” for any profession, any type of license, and got a “No resuls found” response.

So either the last name is spelled wrong, it’s an out of state doctor, or it’s a name pulled out of a hat to be able to say there was a “consulting psychiatrist” on staff.

The LARA folks should be notified, and they should demand an explanation of who this person is. If he actually exists.”

Why We Protest:

WHO IS DR. TED ZUNINI? Let’s find out, Anons! Night Owl, Today at 3:01 PM

Quentinanon, Today at 3:20 PM Report

From the minutes of the Lakeshore Regional Partners meeting in Muskegon, Michigan in March 2015:

7) License Applications – Mark Witte
a) Update on District 10 Health Department application
Mark received the formal application and the provider received the license.
b) Application from Serenity Recovery

The board members discuss sending an approval letter to LARA with no comment or not sending in a letter at all. The board members decide to make a motion with a roll call vote.
MOTION – To send a letter to LARA in support of licensure for Serenity Recovery, Inc, but without comment.

Quentinanon, Today at 3:27 PM

Checked here: https://w2.lara.state.mi.us/VAL/License/Search
and while Kerry Mark Simon is licensed in the state of Michigan, no Ted or Theodore Zunini is licensed.


HORRIBLE communication with family…never return calls! Never notified of a leaving situation. Only seen a counselor once in over 3 weeks. Very under staffed…can not handle the amount of clients and families in need. Trusted them to help, and only made things worse. Very un-professional staff. Laid back security….WOULD NOT RECCOMMEND! There are other places that you will get the help you are promised.

09/21/2015Horribly understaffed from kitchen staff to security to classroom facilitators! Inconsistent treatment of clients by the Ethic’s Dept and administration. Program lengths are determined by insurance NOT by the client’s needs. Counseling is limited to 30 minutes per week with little or no family counseling. The majority population is extremely young and juvenile who treat the program more as a summer camp than a safe place to concentrate on recovery. High emphasis on Scientology curriculum. Be forewarned!!

Kind of amazing but the one negative view of this Scienctology based treatment center has been removed from this website,how ironic is that??

Reaching For The Tipping Point: (Sample of Complaints)

Aug 24 2013
06:28 PM”   Best Drug Rehab Worst nighttmare drug rehab, employees offer you drugs Battlecreeek MichiganAuthor: okc, OklahomaUnusual Rip-Off: Best Drug RehabBattlecreeek, Michigan
BDR   “12, Report #1074011

Aug 07 2013
08:18 PM”   Best Drug Rehab in Manistee, Michigan Tranquility Detox Center in Battlecreek,MI Desperate mom of heroin adddict Battlecreek MichiganAuthor: Upstate, New YorkMental Health: Best Drug Rehab in Manistee, MichiganBattlecreek, Michigan
BDR   “18, Report #1058307

Jun 11 2013
02:21 PM”   Best Drug Rehab Ripped us off for $18,000.00  S STAY AWAY Manistee MichiganAuthor: St. Johns, MichiganCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   “20, Report #1054237

May 27 2013
08:54 PM”   Best Drug Rehab Please help! How do we get someone out of there? Man otter MichiganAuthor: Huntington station, New YorkCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabInternet, Michigan
BDR   “28, Report #1028256

Mar 13 2013
03:48 PM”   Best Drug Rehab BDR Using Rehab as a front for Scientology fundraising and brain washing Manistee, MichiganAuthor: , IndianaCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   “34, Report #1003742

Feb 10 2013
06:12 PM”   Best Drug Rehab (aka. BDR, AFR) A purely evil drug rehabiiltation facility preying on vulnerable parents and family members. manistee, MichiganAuthor: new york, New YorkReligious Groups: Best Drug Rehabmanistee, Michigan
BDR   “37, Report #965721

Feb 05 2013
01:32 PM”   Best Drug Rehabilitation Center Drug rehab Scientology scam! Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Someplace, InternetCult Organizations: Best Drug Rehabilitation CenterManistee, Michigan
BDR   “38, Report #1004769

Jan 28 2013
11:20 AM”   Best Drug Rehab Bdr/Afr Fraud, Fake, Ripping off families when in a very low and upset state of mind. Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Brooklyn, New YorkCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   “39, Report #1003755

Jan 26 2013
08:07 AM”   Best Drug Rehab BDR/AFR Scientology, Cult based rehab Manistee , MichiganAuthor: new york, New YorkHearing Aid Centers: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   “41, Report #980700

Dec 17 2012
02:21 PM”   Best Drug Rehab I was told that this was a place that offered many different approaches to sobriety. I was also told that Scientology was one of the options I could choose from. It was not an option Scientology, Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Secaucus, New JerseyPhysicians: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   “44, Report #963184

Nov 20 2012
12:24 PM”   best drug rehab bdr freekin cult NOT A REHAB! manistee, MichiganAuthor: crescent city, CaliforniaAdult Care Facilities: best drug rehabmanistee, Michigan
BDR   “47, Report #926363

Oct 30 2012
08:16 PM”   Best Drug Rehab A Forever Recovery Tried to falsify there identity and not have anything to do with another rehab facility. AFR and BDR Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Hendersonville, North CarolinaHealthcare Centers: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   “52, Report #931646

Oct 12 2012
01:29 PM”   Best Drug Rehabilitation Scientology front with nothing to do with sobriety. Worst experience of my life. A Cult not a rehab Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Los Angeles, CaliforniaCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabilitationManistee, Michigan
BDR   “57, Report #948705

Sep 30 2012
10:36 AM”   BEST DRUG REHAB My families nightmare X2 Mainistee, MichiganAuthor: Van Wert, OhioMental Health: BEST DRUG REHABMainistee, Michigan
BDR   “60, Report #927296

Aug 24 2012
05:01 PM”   Best Drug Rehabilitation Services Per Wickstrom, The Cedars Drug Rehabilitation, Tranquility Detox, A Forever Recovery Best Drug Rehab is a SCAM!!! Manistee, MichiganAuthor: manderson, South DakotaHealthcare Centers: Best Drug Rehabilitation ServicesManistee, Michigan
Narconon Freedom Center   “75, Report #843212


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